• Pure And Applied Creativity.

    We produce intelligent, effective and beautifully crafted ideas for every type of communication and every kind of business.

  • We put the ooo into oomph.

    We produce branding that packs a punch, which is why our clients love us and why they keep coming back for more.

  • It’s all about the results

    We believe creativity is only relevant if it brings you results otherwise what’s the point? Let’s prove it to you.

A Leading Graphic Design and Branding Design Solutions Company in Hong Kong

PPC is a Hong Kong based multidisciplinary branding and graphic design company specializing in branding, logo identities, marketing communications and website design.

Our focus is on delivering high-impact Graphic Design and Branding Design Solutions that stand out from the crowd and have a reputation for delivering high-impact creative solutions that sell for a variety of clients, of all shapes and sizes, both in Hong Kong and around the globe.

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We create packages to suit your goals, whether you’re looking to create a sparkling new logo, graphic design, corporate marketing material, website, advertising campaign or video. Or maybe you’re planning to launch a new brand or breathe new life into an old one. Get in touch today, we’d love to hear from you!

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